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This website explains the Nostradamus Centuries and other famous prophecies. Everyone can post his thoughts in the forum, submit his own articles, react at the reading of an interpretation and comment the Reference Texts. The proposed themes stick to the seer's state of mind and most of today's commonly accepted interpretations. Nevertheless, the central question should be: Are the Nostradamus Centuries prophetic?


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For the numismatists, coins engraved with Trajanus' effigy are among the most magnificient and appraised of antiquity, but they are extremely rare. He was the owner of a gold mine located at Las Medulas in the north of Spain. Bulk gold was regularly forwarded to Rome to be transformed into coins stamped with his image. Some of the precisous metal was then sent back to Spain in a single convoy, and split in half after Toulouse: One segment departed to pay the mine operating expenses and nourish two hundred slaves, while the other travelled towards his Andalusia domain as well as some garrisons on the way. There are many reports that the convoy was attacked near Toulouse. ...Followed


(The tone may seem irrespectful to some readers, but it's not. The message recipient incapacity to understand astrology will force Nostradamus to persue his work "after his days". This refers to his old days after retirement. "feeble mind" designates a young child or fetus. And this is his son Cesar. The theory that this letter is addressed to someone in the future is a pure invention. Nothing here, nor in the rest of his writing like the foreword to the Almanach enables to accredit the fact that it is aimed at a future monarch. What should be grasped is that one should acknowledge the principles of astrology.) ...Followed

Themes of the Prophecies

The two seperate but communicating environments, one English and the other one French, enable cross-cultural exchanges on the subject of the Nostradamus prophecies in the forum during our times troubled by the blind Al Qaïda terrorist attacks, the war of Irak, threats from India and Pakistan, the israeli palestinian conflict, an alarming awakening of China more than ever violating human rights, the repeated natural catastrophes and the unchained ecological systems transformed into a huge garbage can, the rise of some evil religious sects joining the cause of the Antichrist and the government rulers operating their control always deeper into our private lives - all are possible preludes for the final conflict described in Saint John's Revelations and the Nostradamus prophecies. See the articles.

Numerous welcome free gifts are offered. A new Nostradamus biography is proposed. The complete original Nostradamus works are available for download. A Web exclusive 2000 definitions + dictionary (©2012) of the French Nostradamus gibberish can be checked by registered users. The premonition quiz section enables to test one's ESP and interpretations capabilities. The Nostradamus search engine scrutinizes the web best preselected texts dealing with prophecies. The Nostradamus astrology references and the Nostradamia Show are nearly finished... and much much more.

Free Speech Forums

Nevertheless, this website first asset consists in the great minds that confront their points of views in the Roman forum, a place for high level exchange on the subject of the Centuries, spiritual matters, news in relation with the prophecies, paranormal phenomena, online oracles and topics of society.

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Forum of
the Oracles
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the Centuries
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Mysticism and
Dangerous sects, prostitution, offending language and alien commercial activity prohibited

This website is rated "Public General" and does not propose any immoral material. Nevertheless, anxious persons may feel destabilized by the stunning revelations about the future at the opposite of what they think it should be. It is recommended that they first acknowledge the reserves contained in the articles "First Results " and "Methodology".

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